Friday, July 24, 2009

WELCOME ARNAV to the Cutting Edge TEAM!!

Dis dude right here is Arnav (pronounced: r-nev)! He's my NEW 2nd blogger NEXT TO ME OF COURSE! He's also my best GUY friend! We've been knowing each other since we were eight! He's a very kewl guy with a AWESOME personality.. until we get into a argument..THEN WHO THE HELL IS ARNAV!? He knows whos runnin thangs in this! (me) But we keepin it EAZYY..
AHAHAH. jk. Here and there Arnav will be posting a few things on Cutting Edge. I will put that its from him so that yall can comment back to him! ya diggz?!

Keep it Kewl.
Keep it Fresh.
Keep it Original.

-- Olivia