Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ed Hardy! I say TOO MUCH and TACKY! What do you think!?

Ed hardy! OMG! I dont know about you but i would never wear it! Its just to much, on ONE shirt! And then when people buy the shirt and jeans and shoes and hat and WEAR IT ALL THE SAME TIME! makes me wanna gag! dont get me wong dude is makin millions with this line and thats great! WHAT DO YOU SAY?!


  1. i would wear the love kills slowly shirt but thats probably all, n by the way, did u really read ALL of my last blog

  2. YEA! i read the WHOLE THING! or else i wudnt have commented it. LOL

  3. Oh GOD,
    Dhats a LOT
    i probably would have skipped some words
    but im signing off
    ill be back at like 10 and again at 3

    but 4now

  4. ed hardy is for people who want to be fashionable but are too lazy to put in any effort. it works sometimes, but a lot of times ed hardy looks messy.

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  6. trashy and tacky it looks busy very trailer trash.Im shocked it has such a following but when worn correctly some peeps pull it off but not blog!

  7. :)
    thanks for the comment.

    i'm following you now.

  8. ed hardy is just not cute to me

    it has to much going on.

    and the mens jeans


  9. I think Ed Hardy is one of THE whackest clothing lines there is. It reminds me of 40 year olds trying to dress like they're 20 with overly flashy and corny designs. ugh

  10. i think ed hardy is a pretty down ass brand.. i rock that shit every day :) its tacky and dumb when you wear much of that shit together lol

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  12. Its to much yea.. but I like the basic tees though.. nice blog keep it up!..

  13. i absoulty hate ed hardy. i used too like it before it became a trend.
    &+ i hate trends!!!.