Monday, July 20, 2009

Reality TV - Its getting OLD!

Im getting BORED with some of todays REALITY TV! Wanna know why?! The Answer - It aint REAL! Some shows that i believe are actually reality would be ones like The Real World or Survivor or HELLS Kitchen and theres plenty more that are REAL ..... except the ''REALITY DATING'' TV SHOWS that have some WASHED UP or SLOW RISING entertainer looking for love or some type of companionship... That CRAP IS WHACK! ahahah. They give the supposed star a tv show with 2-3 seasons to find "LOVE'' if they dont find it OH WELL! [ur comback failed]. But to keep the REALITY DATING SHOW trend goin they take one of the guys or girls from the show and give them thier own show so they can find LOVE?! And NO theyre not in it for the money!? YEAH RITE THATS ALL THEY WANT!!!
Sooo.LOL. What do you think of Reality Tv today!?

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  1. i ttly agree wit yu

    my mom n i were sayin the same thing last week

    oh yeah, yu follow me 1st then ill follow yu