Monday, July 27, 2009

AYE! Whats some kewl SLANG you/they use where ur at?!

YO EVERYBODY!! Where im at they use some SLANG but its more of the how they say it, the dialect..YA DIGGZ!? AHAHA.



P.S i aint gonna steal ya


  1. well im from cleveland were i live if u say sumthin stupid they say "SWACK" and smacks u in the neck. ummm this word is world wide but we over use it "DUDE" lik three times in one sentence wen yur mad at sumone instead of "suk my d**k" you say "suk a fat one" lol

  2. well down by me, when you get beat real bad in a race, people say you got burnt. and when someone jokes on you, they say u got cased on. thats just some of the slang.

  3. Well slangs in my country are all abusive, but the least abusive slangs might be :

    Shala :which originally means "brother-in-law" and is used commonly as a 'people-friendly' swear word. eg :- "Oi Shala, why did you eat my sushi, do you know how rare shushis are in this country"

    Shali :which originally means "sister-in-law"
    used in the same way as the one before. Since we hate our in-laws, that is where the modded version of the term derived from...

    polla : which means boy and isn't abusive at all. eg:- "Oi Polla where are you going, my woman stays with me"

    Pollapain : which means boy or boys *yes both* who is/are into gangs and stuff

    Genjam : which means like when there's a problem between two gangs or something like that. Genjam came from the word "problem" and genjams is mostly a ridiculed term in Bangladesh because most of the time, when there is "Genjam" nothing really cool happens xD

    This has been Wasi on Bangla xD

  4. Im in New Orleans rite now, we be sayin stuff like "juvie" n "wody". IDK y, we just do.

    P.s. i commented on yur YO! "I NEED SOME NEW KICKS!!" post check it out, they is fire!!!

  5. Slang.................umm........I fail :(

  6. ayee thanks and ur's is blay blay lol

    blay blay - kinda like blazin

    smashed - when u get played or burnt ,( kinda weird but it makes sense after awhile lol)

  7. Here in chicago we say "Your so Gucci" meaning what ever your wearing is FLYY. We also say "Your acting Hollywood" Meaning your acting STUCK-UP or CONCEITED.

  8. YO u guys these are really kewl.. alot different frm where im at!
    Hey elmo... wat does ''Juvie nd Wody'' mean..

  9. Out Here In Seattle , It Depends On What Hood Your In Or From .

    If Your From The Southend W/ The Crips , You Use:

    Janxy - Messed Up

    If Your From The West Or The Cd , With The Bloods , You Use :
    Greezy - Messed Up

    There's More But That's Too Much To Write .

    - Signed, Ronisha

  10. I think elmo meant "Whoaday"...which is New Orlean slang for friend. They also say "round" as a friend. Like..
    " That's my "round" right there, thats my boy"
    I'm from Baton Rouge, Louisiana so I knows about it.

    Some of my own slang I use are.

    speaking to someone about something important to you both.
    I.E. "I was politicking with my boy about music"

    To express something of interest or feeling.
    I.E. "I heard Jay-Z's DOA song, that shit was epic!"

    Another southern slang word, to express interest or feeling.
    I.E. "those new Jordans are throwed!

    "Huh brah"
    Louisiana slang, as a way of agreeing with something.
    I.E. Person A: Gas prices are too damn expensive.
    Person B: Huh brah.

    I got more...but its way too many lol

  11. Well I'm from California. So of course, we say hecka/hella allll day. hahaha

  12. am from Malawi..little tiny country in Africa and we say 'that own' to mean 'that dude'
    we say 'spans' to mean a lot and theres lots more but there goes 2 new words for ya ;-)

  13. well im from the DMV (d.c., maryland, virginia) and out here we have lots of words lol.

    means to lie. like ugh girl u swellin

    "can't fade it" or "couldn't fade it"
    u basically sayin i can't do it or couldn't do it.

    we say son alot. like aye son was good.

    we call ppl young n dudes call girls youngins or shawdii (shorty). like aye young was gud. or did u see dat youngin over dere shawdi badd.

    wen u lookin for a potential bf or gf or sum1 you tryna get at you call dem bait. like aye we tryna go 2da mall n get da bait.

    n wen we tryna do sumthn we call it moves. like wats up wit 2nite.? im tryna make moves or anyone got a move for 2nite.?

    lol but dats all i got for now. we got so much i'd take up all ur space lls.