Friday, July 24, 2009

LATE but....My PROPER Introduction!


Im Olivia. Im the FOUNDER of Cutting Edge, and the EDITOR BLOGGER of Cutting Edge nd just a plain ol' blogger! ahaha.Im 16 and a Junior baybeee, staying focused!
I started this blog because i LOVE TO WRITE i also did this blog because i love to hear what you the people have to say about the things im interested in! [im interested in ALOT of things btw]
I live to laugh and to make people laugh! If you can make me laugh BET 5$ ill be followin you! [make it 50cent im runnin low. ahaha.jk]

I NEVER HESITATE to SPEAK whats on my MIND!! believe it, believe please! [im REALLLY nice tho , dont get it twisted]
Im very diverse! Im into ALOT of things! So im open to learning about new styles,music,culture, JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING!

OH YEAH!! If you follow me expect to GET WEEKLY COMMENTS frm me and my partner jus bekuz we LOVE to INTERACT wit our followers!

Well if want to kno more or have questions email me...

Keep it Kewl.
Keep it Fresh.
Keep it Original.

- Olivia


  1. lol sic blog im following u...ur funny plz return the favor and congrats on 80 followers

  2. thanx! nd many thanx fa following!!

  3. Follow me and ill follow you .

  4. Hello. Check out my blog. Just joined your followers. Thanks. :)

  5. Follow, comment, and check out my blog:

  6. lol hi
    thanks for the comment

    & ok that can be arranged

    you keep up w| me & i'll keep up w| you

  7. dope blog..thanx for the follow

  8. We can do greatness together
    You followed my back and I will follow yours...
    Makes sense now but try doing it in real life
    We need dog bodies to do that xD
    Well I am gonna follow you then *if you didnt get my second bizzare line* and be sure to see me talk about what's bugging me and show you a true conversation about it xD
    Where my blog sleeps
    Just for the other people wanting to LOL =p

  9. Lovee loveee this blog girlieee.
    Im glad I came by !
    Lets keep in touch.
    Cutting edge is deff cutting edge.