Thursday, July 23, 2009

Star COMEBACKS of 2009!

Its been highly publicized that Whitney Houston is working on a comeback album. Well after a 7yr hiatus that album will be released on Sept 1st! It is a highly anticipated album to see if the R&B diva still has what it takes to rule the charts!
Another highly anticpated album to come out this year is Ushers! His ''Here I stand'' album failed to make the same impact as his ''Confessions'' album. So he is working on a new cd titled ''Monster" (must be talking bout his ex wife ahaha) to be released later this fall.SO WHAT DO YOU THINK!? Will they make a huge impact on the r&b world!?

Info Provided by: Arnav (my primary journalist BESIDES ME OFCOURSE! ahaha.


  1. Whitney might be able to get one hit single at best. But I'm sure Usher's album will make a huge impact.

  2. Usher still got alot of time before he falls off.....Whitney on the other hand....I'm shooting dice on that one.

    ::::Leaves Kinetic Card::::