Friday, August 7, 2009


Never would i have thought to talk to someone as interesting as him, young like me, who's accomplished alot, who's dedicated to achieving even much more. I haven't been blogging that long, but I've seen some amazing blogs made by people who share the same interest as me. When i came to his and read his post ''somersault'' i wanted to know more about his love for writing, his style and talents. this is my interview with Adrian King.

*CE - Cutting Edge (Olivia)

AD - Adrian King

CE -What made you start your clothing line?

AK - Well i was interested n making money with my artwork, but the posters i was making wasnt really doing it. n i thought to myself "ppl love clothing, clothing is a nessesity, n ppl love style" so i decided if i put my artwork on clothing then i wuld definitely make money. so i printed my 1st shirt. took it 2 a local boutique n it sold the first day.

CE - how much was it and who was it sold to?

AK -my first shirt sold sometime n january for $25 and i never met the person who purchased it. i havent seen them around my city either. but to this day im always on look out, haha.

CE -who inspires you when it comes to fashion and art?

AK -i am inspired mainly by music and hip-hop culture, The Cool Kids, Kid Cudi, Kanye, P.O.S, Mr.Lif, MF DOOM, and many others. i close my eyes and let the beat flow through my entire body down to my finger tips and on to the paper. and as far as fashion goes, Mikey Rocks is my main inspiration. i love his style, its relaxed n very, old skool. he doesnt even try, and niether do i. it just comes together.

CE - so what do you want to accomplish by 20-21?
AK -by the time i turn 21 i plan to have conquered the east coast completely. with my art and my music. i want to walk down the street and have people i dont know, know me. i just want to inspire everyone to become the person they wish they were, bcuz all that time they spent wishing culd have been spent paving a road to greatness. theres a quote i read in an article about lady gaga, it says "Most artists want you to buy their music so that they can buy diamond watches and range rovers. But I just want your soul. "i just want your soul. i want to inspire everyone that called me out of my race, or called me gay for wearing the clothes i wear, or made fun of me in any way. to see that if i did it, they can do it too. and i hope when they see me and how far ive come, they think to themselves "wow, ignorance is a plague that must be irraticated bcuz my ignorance prevented me from knowing such a great person." hopefully they will go as far as i plan to go. im fighting hate with love, and fueling love with passion and optimism.

CE - WOW! Thats very inspiring! Okay, the whole east coast thats huge! Any particular label u wish to sign with..or do you wanna be independent?

AK - ya kno, i havent thought about it. i just want to create for now, i'll worry about the kinks later. but probably whatever label wuld b willing to have me. i'd be gunning for sony records, or williams street records. but i definitely want my art and music to work hand in hand.

CE - definitely. adrian to me ur not like alot of teens ur really on ur grind for success and to fulfill ur dreams (which is really kewl to me)....weird question..but do you think ur different?
frm other teens?

AK -all my life ive felt alot like an outsider, ive known i was different all my life. i used to think i was lame bcuz of what everyone else wuld say about me. but eventually i saw that nothing was wrong with me. sometimes i think to myself "earth is overrated" like i belong somewhere else other than this rock we live on. but when it comes down to it, i dont think im different i just think im me. all i kno is how to be me. i was born, and this is what/who i am. I didnt choose a thing. Im an old soul in a young vessel.

CE - Being urself is AWESOME! so i believe ur gonna be HUGE one day with everything nd im gonna see u on MTV and The Today show..but if u could do have any career besides anything doing with music,art or fashion what would it be?

AK - definitely dance, i love dancing more than food sometimes. breaking, poping, locking, tutting, gliding . . i love it all. the way sound forces a persons body to moves is facinating to me. Or possibly a career in sports. ive been skateboarding for 8 years and its a big part of my life .

CE - u come up with ur own moves or do you sorta mix it up? Are you sponsered in skateboarding?

AK - i create alot of my own moves. but i mix it up, if my friends do something i like then i learn it. and no, im not sponsored, its purely for sport. but i do compete.

CE - kewl...sooooo...ur blog..why did u start one?

AK - i started my blog bcuz i have a hard time keeping track of my work. so i figured if i put it online all in 1 place i can view it all whenever i'd like plus everyone else culd see it too. and whereever i am when im networking and theres a computer near by i can just hop on it and show them my work.

CE - very you think it will help with career?

AK - i think it will. staying organized with my art has tought me 2 be organized with everything else i do as well. although im still teaching myself to b organized with my music.

CE - Well its been really AWESOME doing this interview with you Adrian. I as well as Cutting Edfe totally appreciate it. I hope that we can do this again!
AK - Im honored at your interest in what I do and what I have to say. I would like to give thanks to Cutting Edge. And I would definitely love to do this again sometime. I also plan to keep you updated with how things are going music wise.



  1. I think you are very lucky!
    He seems pretty determined too
    Hah when I'm doing big things you can have an interview with me too
    Still keeping it fresh [and on your grind]

  2. thanx! absolutely we can do a interview!
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    Thanks for the interview Olivia.
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